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York Doula and Hypnobirthing Instructor, Emma Yates-Butler

Welcome, my name is Emma Yates-Butler.

I’m a hypnobirthing teacher, qualified with The Little Birth Company, which I love. I’m a mum of three. I had a hospital birth with my first baby and then two home water births. Back in the early days of mothering I trained as a pregnancy yoga teacher with Birthlight, became a birth and postnatal doula with Nurturing Birth and Doula UK and an ABM Breastfeeding peer supporter.

I’ve been lucky enough to have plenty of experience as a birth doula over the years, and with two of my children shortly headed off to University and the other busy working on GCSEs, I feel I’m finally able to commit to being on call 24/7 for my birth doula clients. I decided to add Hypnobirthing into my offering for mums-to-be as I’m super passionate and dedicated about supporting new parents and believe in supporting you to having the best birth possible, wherever and however you choose to give birth. I also have a background as a harpist, performing and teaching the Harp with training and experience in therapeutic harp music.

The Little Birth Company’s innovative hypnobirthing course is new in 2018, and it has been developed by two experienced hypnobirthing teachers. I chose this course they’ve developed because of its gorgeous materials, flexibility, and the fact that I am able to record my own scripts for my clients using my specially created original Soulful Harp music. It’s less prescriptive than the older methods. I am also able to include elements from my pregnancy yoga training, my aim is you’ll get a Complete Antenatal Education alongside some of the most beautiful hypnobirthing tracks and materials available. 

A Healing Path

Soulful Harp is a response to a recent calling I've felt to create original harp meditation music.  I first trained as a doula in 2006-8, alongside training in harp therapy, which I was inspired to do after my mum's cancer journey around 1997-2000. Playing the harp during her passing away at home initiated me into this calling to hold space for those in the sacred transitions of birth and death. I was already a mum of three young children myself when I completed my training. 

As a birth doula I've lots of positive experience and witnessed lovely outcomes, having worked with women and their partners at both home and hospital births, supporting water, natural, VBAC, Breech, Caesarean births, women whose partners were working away, and with those experiencing anxiety around birth. I’m inspired to bring that missing element of continuity of care to your pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey.

One of my most recent project is Soulful Harp: Blissful Baby Moon, an album of original relaxing harp music created for mums and babies.

I'm based in York, UK. Simply click below to get booked onto my hypnobirthing course ready for when you are 20 weeks+ pregnant!

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Click the button to get your space booked!

My mum with my daughter in 2000

My mum with my daughter in 2000

My own births were a mix of hospital and home births.

My first labour in 2000, began at home but involved a transfer into hospital. Happily, my daughter Susan was born pink and warm and promptly took to breastfeeding.  

In 2001 supported by independent midwives my second pregnancy led to a wonderfully empowering home birth. In fact it was a very quick labour this time in which my midwife Chris arrived with only 10 minutes to spare before Arthur made his appearance. He was 8lb 12, born in the pool with his fist beside his brow! The birth of my son Reuben in 2005 was also a fantastic home water birth.

Now that I have been able to support many women to have positive births both at hospital and at home, I am truly grateful to have the deeper awareness gained from doulaing for birthing women over the years. As a doula my priority is to listen to, support and honour my clients' wishes, as well as advocate and bear witness, should any particularly challenging circumstances occur.


Previous Trainings & Courses

IHTP Harp Therapy Graduates 2006-8

2006-7 Nurturing Birth Doula Course

2006-8 International Harp Therapy Program

2009 Full Doula UK Recognition

2013 Deepening Into Birthwork

I'm excited to have now joined The Little Birth Company, adding Hypnobirthing classes into my offerings.  


We’re all just walking each other home

Having empathy for another means your heart is breaking, because you understand the intensity of their experience, and at the same moment, you are absolutely, equanimously, present. You are not clinging to anything, just watching the phenomena of the universe change.
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It’s then that your acts can be compassionate. That is where the root of compassion is. The root of compassion is not empathy; that’s along the lines of kindness, and that’s good, but it’s not compassion. The ultimate compassion is the act itself, which has the potential to relieve every level of suffering, not just the food in the belly, or the mattress to safely sleep on at night. The suffering that comes from separateness is only relieved when you are present with another person. 
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- Ram Dass